The words "Sound, Sport, and the Digital" appear across speakers with superimposed sports balls.

How are sports shaped by sounds?

Sound, Sport, and the Digital is a project dedicated to investigating the many answers to this question with a primary focus on
1) How sound can help us understand sport as a sociocultural phenomenon and inform challenges to dominant knowledges and social inequalities;
2) How digital methods and technologies can facilitate critical, interdisciplinary examinations of the sport/sound nexus.

Welcome to the website for Sound, Sport, and the Digital

Here you can learn more about the project and check out its online events, explore a library of relevant resources, and visit a collaborative database of sport-related audio in the Sports Sounds Archive (coming soon!).

Entering the Sound/Sport Nexus: An audio presentation by Dr. Matt Ventresca (2024)


Entering the Sound/Sport Nexus was originally presented at the Power of Sound and Sport Webinar on April 5, 2024.

It was narrated, written, and produced by Dr. Matt Ventresca. Conceptual and theoretical consultation was provided by Dr. Katie Hemsworth, whose expertise on the geographies of sound and acoustic space was a central inspiration for this work.

All music was written, performed, and produced by Matt Ventresca – except for drums on “A New Jock Jam”, performed and provided courtesy of Land of Drum Beat.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
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This Library contains a selection of resources to support explorations of the sports/sound nexus – including academic research, news and popular media, podcasts, and other examples of projects that examine the sociocultural connections between sport and sound.


COMING SOON! A collaborative database of sports-related sounds where visitors can listen to audio contributed by members of the Sport, Sound, and the Digital community. You can upload new audio clips or download files to reuse, adapt, or remix within your own projects and productions.

Sound, Sport, and the Digital is part of the Sport and Digital Possibilities Project and is presented by the Sports, Society, and Technology Research Collective in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech

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